Know how your baby will look like


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If you can't wait for nine months until you'll see the face of your baby or you want to know how your baby can look like depending on your partner, BabyMaker is the application for Windows that will show you the future result.

Choose a photo of the father and one of the mother and the program will do the rest. BabyMaker recognizes the main features of the parents and elaborates a new face by using mathematical calculations. It's different from the rest of similar programs, BabyMaker does not use Morphing, that means that it doesn't mix the two pictures but it analyses them and create a new face

If your picture is not an ID Photo, don't worry, use the controls of BabyMaker to adjust it.

In short, if you are impatient and you want o know it first or if you want to have fun, BabyMaker is a good application.

Trial version allows you to create up to ten babies and save is disabled.

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